National Deliveries

The main difference between us and our competitors is that we care.

The company operates pallet collection and pallet delivery services available in the United Kingdom and Europe. Through our various delivery partners we are able to offer high levels of service:

GMS Transport is one of the UK and Europe's largest online pallet delivery service providers. We have over 5 years of experience in the haulage industry and are part of the UK's leading pallet network with over 150 members throughout the UK and Europe. Because of the experience we have we will always give you an honest answer as to whether an item is suitable to go through a pallet network and give you the advice you may need as to how to pack and secure the item.

The goods we are shipping are your goods and we never forget that. We cannot guarantee that everything will go 100% to plan, as this is transport and vehicles do break down and do get stuck in traffic jams, but one thing we can guarantee is that if there is a problem, you will get our full attention until the issue is resolved.

We are always striving to improve our site and also the service we give. We are always willing to listen to what our customers have to say and welcome any feedback.

We are very approachable and love to talk to you, so please pick up the phone and give us a ring on 0845 400 4677 (opt 4).

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